Alan Rat
June 18, 2017
The numbers are rising and the fascists are coming out of the woodwork. Racists are not afraid to show their colors anymore. We must remember how this all started in the first place back in the 80’s and 90’s when racist skinheads had the nerve to come to shows and bully people around. Anti-Racist Action deserves a comeback.
We are not communists. We are a group of all walks of life absolutely tired of being afraid. WE ARE FED UP! As hate crimes rise along with our increasing number of unarmed murder by police officers without conviction, the water is boiling and spilling. RED. All we see is red.

“It must equally be recognized that all States, including the Canadian State, are daily engaged in genocide and violent attacks against 3rd World peoples, against other species and against the earth itself. No error on the part of the guerilla could begin to touch this daily violence, which has become acceptable as a structural part of our society to such a high degree as to go on virtually ignored, except in the most rhetorical way.” –The Politics of Bombs

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and is surrounded by known hate groups recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as groups that are not listed, but have made their voices heard. Florida is home to over 100 documented hate crimes a year. Tallahassee has recently been the home to open Alt-Right, White Nationalist, and White separatist movements to which should not be taken seriously.
This is the beginning.
Starting off, let’s get followers. Spread the word. Talk about it. Tell everyone. Then step two will be creating a meeting day… most likely bi monthly… from there we will be creating a zine, flyers, and discussing direct action (which will most likely be handling local fascist groups).
The ROF Militia has made its way into the local news and has been attempting to instill fear throughout the community. Our first main objective will be to completely dismantle this operation from the ground up. The ROF is basically a group of what seems to be completely psychotic gun nerds looking for an excuse to utilize Florida’s stand your ground law. We are here to show them that their antics have gone on long enough. You cant play around with White Nationalism, separatism, supremacy or whatever the fuck you call yourselves…and not expect to get a bite in the ass. The police sit and protect these treasonous militants while they satisfy their freedom of hate speech and antagonize anybody that has an issue with them. They call out ‘keyboard warriors’ on the internet looking for a fight all while threatening Florida statute 776 in real life. WE INTEND TO END THIS NOW.
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