Jordan Jereb Claims He Is Not Racist, These Screenshots Prove Otherwise

After the huge online protest against white nationalism, it has been difficult to track and follow Alt-right groups and militias. This has taken us from facebook…to twitter… to 4chan… to other forms social media. Most websites brought us a lot less information than we expected…but we can always depend on the narcissism of the far right, and especially Jordan Jereb to make their views come out of the shadows.

taken: September 23, 2017

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Republic of Florida: Training or Roleplaying?

Since the Republic of Florida Militia’s facebook page has been censored… We have had less contact with the group. Luckily Jereb’s incessant need to post himself and what he’s doing in the lime light leads us to their Youtube account. Lately we have been seeing posts of their visits to Tom Brown & Lafayette Heritage Trail, preparations and patrols for Hurricane Irma… and of course… Jereb updates.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 2.45.08 PM.png

Their latest post shows us how much they have ‘progressed’ in their years of self training and youtube tutorials have really paid off for them….not…

ROF is better than reality television…truly….

This video shows what they seem to be expecting: completely unrealistic scenarios. One thing you can gather from these roleplaying videos they are making…(possibly trying to recreate some B action movie…) Be sure to thumbs down their video and check out their other roleplaying videos.

Things we learned from this video:

  1. If you have a gun… think about shooting it before you are in arms length… just shoot the gun…. don’t pull a gun out within arms reach of someone…. You can fight them easily at that point and secretly pull out the gun. Nobody in their right mind would pull a gun and go within range of their target to be in a threat of bodily injury (that’s the point of a gun). Normally it is the targets job to draw the attacker closer by distracting him so he can be within a safe distance to try to take the gun. Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 2.47.39 PM

  2. Another thing to think about: Maybe don’t use a gun. They are doing all of this hand to hand gun defense…but no real self defense or training. There are many things you can legally carry in public and some quick basic tips that involve blocking and attacking to practice while you are doing a fun workout. Carry multiple weapons and make sure they aren’t going to be easily taken from you. Always have a backup plan.  
  3. Do not attack. Prepare for them to pull a gun because that is their main threat. If you pay attention to their own training video and watch some real training videos you can see the steps and the basic things to think about during this situation. The main point is to be unpredictable and to always pull the gun toward the thumb when trying to take a gun from someone.  
  4. Preparing with an airsoft gun is not good practice (but I guess its better than nothing). af64357524d5a565820674a9135c64b3--airsoft-gear-good-workoutsReal handguns can also be used to bash your skull in and have a completely different weight. So taking them and also resisting it being taken from you is completely different. Also…Seeing Jereb’s tactical airsoft helmets and old tac vests let you know if you are a veteran…. Incorrect training and equipment will get you killed (along with Opsec and complacency).
  5. AGAIN. Remain vigilant… remain unpredictable. Everything you do should be unexpected. Never do what they want you to do. Read them like the open book that they are and close them in it. Do not be stupid. Think about the long term. Never give up on yourself. Defend.

We do not encourage violence, but we do encourage the people to be prepared for these ‘trained’ militia members when they become unhinged. We will protect ourselves and those who cannot.

Let the ROF militia keep ‘training’ while we keep up our work…

We have eyes outside and inside their unit…

We’ll catch them when the time is perfect.

We are in no hurry.

This is not a statement intended to cause violence or bodily harm to any person or property*


No Nazis at UF – Protest Richard Spencer – Gainesville, Thurs. Oct, 19 2017

White nationalist Richard Spencer event set for Oct. 19 tiny_bella___on_Twitter_RICHARD_SPENCER_GOT_PUNCHED_AGAIN__PunchANazi_t.co_CL3uKRr50q_-_2017-01-26_12.22.59_qubski

The event was moved from Sept 12th due to complications with the University of Florida not wanted them to have it at all in the first place and Hurricane Irma. All of our preparations for the 12th are still underway and growing. Comrades from multiple cities will be rendezvousing with us for Gainesville. So far we have 3 other Antifa and ABF chapters involved as well as the local gainesville chapters, and Florida john brown/redneck revolt.

We will be providing security and medical support.

Facebook event HERE

It’s Going Down published a Call to Action for the event.

We urge a broad mobilization determined to stand together and to keep each other safe as we counter the militant white nationalists in Gainesville. We intend to win.

Call to Action endorsed by:

  • Tampa Food Not Bombs (FL)
  • Northeast Georgia Democratic Socialists of America (GA)
  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – Tampa chapter (FL)
  • Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (GA)
  • Love Has No Borders (FL)
  • Gainesville Dream Defenders (FL)
  • Gainesville Antifascist Committee (FL)
  • Black Lives Matter Tampa (FL)
  • Atlanta General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World (GA)
  • Atlanta Antifascists (GA)
  • Anti-Racist Action Tallahassee (FL)
  • New Orleans Anti-fascist Action (LA)

Please get in touch if your organization is mobilizing for Gainesville and wants to endorse this call to action: (for IGD they haven’t seemed to respond*)

you can also email us @

March for Racial Justice – Tallahassee Sat, Sept. 30 2017.

UPDATE: FSU N.O.W decided to ‘cancel’ the march the day before possibly due to permit issues. We will not allow our first amendment rights to be violated. Just because this organization is failing somehow does not mean we should not rally together at the capital along with the rest of our country in various major cities. Washington DC has 10,000 people on the streets today 10am-7pm… Tallahassee could possibly take 5pm-7pm out of their busy schedules and come join in solidarity for racial justice. We might not march*
September 30, 2017 @5pm on the grounds of the historic capital.

“The FSU National Organization for Women will be hosting the March for Racial Justice in Tallahassee. The March for Racial Justice is mobilizing a coalition of organizations, groups and individuals to nationally stand together for racial justice, and call out white supremacy’s interlocking oppressions along gender, class, sexuality, ability, religion, and immigration status. Our vision is simple: to create a just and equitable future for communities of color, so that we all thrive together.

The FSU National Organization for Women invites you all to stand with us on September 30th in Tallhassee.

We will be marching together from the Capitol to Westcott.” -FB Event

You know what this means? It’s time to gear up. In the wake of Charlottesville, VA our numbers and support have tripled and we thank all of you for it. We must stand in solidarity with all groups that work in support of the common goal. Our purpose is to Organize and bring different communities together so we together can educate each other, and grow, in order to confront fascism.
We are blessed with a cooperative police force here in Tallahassee who mostly show support for these rallies by blocking traffic and making sure nobody gets hurt. The police are never dressed up ready for war, and this really shows the agitated yet peaceful crowd that they should feel safe; that they should be heard.
We will still have a presence at this rally to ensure the safety of each other and all individuals attending. Lone wolf, violent terrorist attacks from violent racist sociopaths are not something out of a movie anymore. As the days progress and the world finds itself churning in chaos… we must remain vigilant.
Tallahassee rallies are not quite known to have counter protesters as much as what you would say ‘infiltrators’ or lone wolfs that nobody else wants to accompany….so they get away with ‘trolling’ in the crowd. We saw this at the Students for Justice in Palestine rally. Were an ARA member had to confront someone who were chanting insults peppered in with our anti racist chants and laughing in between. Keep an eye out for people making rude faces during the speeches and watch their body language. We must not be complacent with the thought of lone wolf shooters.
Preparing is different from worrying and being afraid and letting that fear control your emotions. Please try to remain calm and have the best time possible. This is totally possible to do while remaining cautious and being prepared for an emergency.
We will be providing water and security and hopefully will have some handouts.

Immigrants Are Welcome Here Rally – Tallahassee Sept. 25, 2017

“The FSU National Organization for Women , Amnesty International, Students for Justice in Palestine, Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, and FSU Hispanic Latino Student Union denounce Trump’s Administration plans on ending DACA. DACA serves the purpose of protecting eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation. It allows young undocumented immigrants protection from deportation and the opportunity to obtain a work permit.

We know for a fact that America is so much better than this. We stand firm when we say immigrants are welcome here” -Event Page


Organize, Educate, Confront.

Stand for the immigrants that make this country great.