This page is dedicated to provide information on hate groups and members in Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas gathered by ARA members, supporters, and concerned citizens.


Florida is home to over 50 white nationalist/white supremacist militias, hate groups, and religious organizations. Tallahassee is surrounded by neo-confederate groups that support a leaderless resistance, all with the same goal: To fight for a white nation.

These groups are recruiting teenagers just out of high school and have massively grown in numbers since Trump’s Election. Tallahassee has a problem of a different sort*.

Since the election, tuning into the news has been some sort of a hassle for most us. It brings an uneasy feeling that everything’s NOT OKAY. It makes your day more stressful in some way… It makes it harder to deal with the daily casual bigotry that seems to be increasing as the days go by… It makes it harder to talk to/see your racist parent/grandparent/etc…. and for Anti-Racist Action Tallahassee… We are tired of seeing some (what loos like) JROTC kids straight out of high school flying white nationalist flags, stockpiling weapons and army goods in the name of the new confederate revolution.

The Republic of Florida Militia

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.14.12 PM

Commonly referred to as ‘ROFL militia’ …’the JJJ’… ‘a joke’… ‘fat nerds’….’inbred trailer trash’…’___________(use your imagination)’…. ROF Militia takes to the streets and local parks on an almost daily basis*. Preaching #whitegenocide* and trying to further the agenda of the masterful white race.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.38.04 PM
Republic of Florida Militia Leader: Jordan Joseph Jereb

Leader of the ROF Jordan Jereb takes to the internet as much as he takes to the streets and is definitely the most committed to republic’s ’cause’*. Contrary to popular belief, Jereb is no ‘joke’. Jereb is very well read and versed in his ideology this is an obvious factor regarding how he is able to recruit mislead young adults; also how able and confident he is in debates*. Jereb also is well versed in computer technology, specifically website design. He is the creator of wriggle* an open internet forum committed to providing the online community a safe space for free speech. Where the ‘joke’ comes into play is his constant need to beed noticed, seen, and heard. He shows violent sociopathic behavior both online and in public (see pictures below). He has been seen on (a now deleted) white supremacist forum posting as other people trying to let the WN community know that tallahassee ‘seems to be’ doing their part and ‘this guy jordan jereb’ seems to really be making an impact. He has also been noted to make fake facebook, youtube, and other social media profiles to help show support for his cause in order to create a false perspective for his supporters/followers…not to mention “The Home of the Right Wing Extremist Nut” Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 7.02.44 PM where he posts his own personal raw unedited literature, and is also the home of “The Extremist Nut Show” (where he actually gives us a shout out)*. His violent sociopathic behavior comes into play with every ‘selfie’ he takes with his arsenal of weapons and military gear. He enjoys getting under people’s skin and loves to show those people that he is protected. His supporters and militia members (who also seem to show an incessant need for mental health care) take part in the online heckling/harassment targeting anybody who has anything negative to say.

More links about the ROF Militia will be dropped here:

ROF Video posted Sept 21, 2017

Below is a picture dump from JUNE 2017-SEPT-2017 including screen shots of ROF activity and other ARA photos.


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ROF Attempts to call out Alan


“Best” Training Moments

ROF on the news…

Jereb thinking he is making an impact on the drug war…

Jereb speaks at a made up separatist convention


Jorden gets a visit from his idol Matthew Heimbach

Jereb talks about me in his nut show..