Anti-Racist Action Tallahassee is proud to represent all inclusive community events/safe spaces. We will do our best to have a monthly collection of events for you in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to post your events on our website (it will also go on facebook and twitter).

Rallies that will have ARAT presence:

OCT 19: No Nazis at UF protest Gainesville, FL

OCT 22: National Day of Action Against Police Brutality


The Plant
THE PLANT: The Plant is an all-inclusive creative space, where everyone is welcomed and empowered to organize, research, and encourage the free expression of others. The Plant is a not for profit venue and is operated by volunteers. Events held at The Plant are usually FREE but donations are encouraged. ALL AGES INVITED. Check out The Plant’s facebook page to stay full in tune with all of their events.

EVERY TUESDAY: Plant Community Meetings 6pm

(Every 3rd THURSDAY) Political Prisoner Letter Writing Dinner 


Food Not Bombs Tallahassee “Food Not Bombs is a grassroots initiative keen on feeding the hungry (that’s everyone).” They post events weekly on their Facebook page and do a community event every Sunday from 12pm-2pm @ Carter Howell Strong Park. They also are involved with community gardening, you can find their events by following them on FB.
Food Not Bombs Tallahassee