Nashville Anarchists Stand in Solidarity with Florida Prison Strike and Perform Mutual Aid with Community of Leftists in Honor of Prisoners

Nashville Anarchist Black Cross received word from Supporting Prisoners And Real Change (SPARC), a Prisoner advocacy and activist group based in Florida, that starting January 15th, 2018, Prisoners incarcerated in Florida would be organizing a broad, state-wide strike called “Operation PUSH”.

SPARC received this message anonymously and posted it on their social media page:

FL Prisoners Call for Operation PUSH to Improve the Lives of Incarcerated People and the Communities We Come From.

Sending out an S.O.S. to all parties concerned!

We are currently forming a network agency within D.O.C. We are asking all prisoners within the Department of Corrections to take a stand by laying down starting January 15, 2018, until the injustice we see facing prisoners within the Florida system is resolved.

We are calling on all organized groups as well as religious systems to come together on the same page. We will be taking a stand for:

1. Payment for our labor, rather than the current slave arrangement

2. Ending outrageous canteen prices

3. Reintroducing parole incentives to lifers and those with Buck Rogers dates

Along with these primary demands, we are also expressing our support for the following goals:

• Stop the overcrowding and acts of brutality committed by officers throughout FDOC which have resulted in the highest death rates in prison history.

• Expose the environmental conditions we face, including extreme temperatures, mold, contaminated water, and being placed next to toxic sites such as landfills, military bases and phosphate mines (including a proposed mine which would surround the Reception and Medical Center prison in Lake Butler).

• Honor the moratorium on state executions, as a court-ordered the state to do, without the legal loophole now being used to kill prisoners on death row.

• Restore voting rights as a basic human right to all, not a privilege, regardless of criminal convictions.

Operation PUSH:

Every Institution must prepare to lay down for at least one month or longer: No prisoners will go to their job assignments.

Our goal is to make the Governor realize that it will cost the state of Florida millions of dollars daily to contract outside companies to come and cook, clean, and handle the maintenance. This will cause a total BREAK DOWN.

In order to become very effective we must use everything we have to show that we mean business. This is our chance to establish UNITY and SOLIDARITY. This is the strategy of Operation PUSH! A voice locked up is not a voice unheard!

Slave labor-

We are encouraging prisoners throughout the DOC to band together in an effort to demand payment for work performances.

One of the main reasons why we’re demanding payment as opposed to gain time is because the DOC is bent on taking something we’ve earned away and using it against us to restructure new release dates.

Another reason is that $50 and a bus ticket to parts unknown is not working for us, especially if we have conditions that require us to pay out of pocket cost.

The system knows that the odds are heavily stacked against us when we reenter into mainstream society, so they make it look like they’re helping us by giving us $50, but the reality is it’s not enough to do anything with!

With even a modest amount of payment we will be able to save up something to survive outside with; for those with lengthy sentences, they would be able to support themselves inside.

At any event, once we win establishment of payment, this would be the one thing the system won’t be able to take away from us.

While this will be the strongest “Push,” our next concern will be on price-gouging us with items we buy out of canteen.

Price Gouging-

We can no longer allow the state to take advantage of our families’ hard-earned money by over-charging us, they’re taking food out our mouths!

All prisoners and their family members are getting pimped with these outrageous canteen prices. We want regular market value.

Take for example: one case of soup on the street cost $4.00. It costs us $17.00 on the inside. This is highway robbery without a gun. It’s not just us that they’re taking from. It’s our families who struggle to make ends meet and send us money—they are the real victims that the state of Florida is taking advantage of. We got to put a stop to this!


The federal government has given every state in the country a choice as to how they wish to use incentives to reward their prisoners. Florida decided to offer gain time as an incentive, however, those who have life sentences and Buck Rogers dates don’t have any incentives.

We are now demanding that the State of Florida bring back parole and come up with a payment for prisoners work performances, as the law required.

Let us demonstrate why these two issues are so important. Take for example someone who has done a ten year bid. In the process he loses all family support and money stops, the letters stop. He finds himself supporting himself the best way he can. In short, the system robbed him of ten years of labor.

He has nothing to show for it so now even if he does his ten year bid with no probation or parole, he’s still a convicted felon, and finding a job is very difficult.

The Plan-

These are the things we’re protesting, and we are currently trying to mentally prepare Florida inmates throughout the DOC for January 15.


What do you do when there’s no body giving you jack shit and you’re hungry? Add to this you wearing hand-me-downs, looking like you can’t be trusted? This is enough to drive you off the edge and try your hand at stealing, robbing, or selling drugs to make a dollar.

This is not a joke! In fact it’s our reality and for those who do have strong family support, we salute you, but please understand you are the few that are blessed with the foot hold that you have. This is not the case for the over-all majority, and this is the cause of high recidivism rates.

It’s time we reverse the psychology and STAND together. The way to strike back is not with violence as this is what they want! If we show them violence they will have a legitimate excuse to use brute force against us and explain to the public that they had to use brute force in order to contain the situation. However, their weakness is their wallet.

By sitting down and doing nothing, each institution will have the responsibility of feeding, cleaning, and all the maintenance. DO THE MATH.

The more institutions that have to employ outside contractors, the sooner we will see results.

Welcome to Operation PUSH.


Nashville ABC, AFA, and MTAN display a banner in solidarity with the Florida Prison Strike.

Nashville Anarchist Black Cross, in tandem with Nashville AntiFa and Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network have diligently supported Prisoners through our jail/bail support, Prisoner letter writing and greeting card program, inside-outside alliances, and through direct action rallies against the Fraternal Order of Police, Core Civic (Formerly CCA, a private prison corporation), and the cognate lobbyists who work for these interest groups through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Recently, our collectives have also began a weekly street-side free store and hot meal service for the unhoused in Nashville (most of which are refugees from the industrial carceral complex attempting to reclaim their lives).  Upon learning about Operation PUSH and the Prisoners striking in Florida Department of Corrections facilities, we sought to demonstrate our solidarity with these brave souls while continuing to do direct action mutual aid in our community.  To accomplish this, we crafted a solidarity banner which read, “Nashville ABC, AFA, and MTAN Stand With The Prison Strike”. 


Anarchists in Nashville distribute food and clothing in honor of Operation PUSH.

We displayed the banner on the front of the buffet-style serving table where we served the unhoused hot chicken noodle soup, crackers, chips, juice, cookies, and bottled water (made collaboratively by MTAN, Nashville ABC, and Nashville AntiFa), freshly baked bread, sausage and scrambled eggs, bagels, (provided by our comrades from Middle Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America- DSA) and home-made granola bars (provided by Showing Up for Racial Justice- SURJ Nashville).  Behind the banner, we set up our street-side free store with numerous personal hygiene items, clothing, snacks, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, and handwarmers (Provided by SURJ Nashville, Middle Tennessee DSA, MTAN, Nashville ABC, and Nashville AntiFa).  Middle Tennessee DSA also generously provided many heavy winter coats which were quickly distributed. 

This mutual aid action has become a weekly event for our collective, and we are grateful to have the constant support and solidarity from amazing Leftists in our community like Middle Tennessee DSA and SURJ Nashville.  We dedicated this action in honor of, and in solidarity with the Florida Prisoners’ strike (Operation PUSH) beginning January 15th.  We stand with our imprisoned brothers, sisters, and comrades.  None are free until ALL are free.

Nashville Anarchist Black Cross

Nashville AntiFa

Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network


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